Cabo Blanco Strict Nature Reserve

Cabo Blanco is one of the most beautiful scenic sites on the Pacific Coast. Some of the attractions that make Cabo Blanco such an interesting and beautiful wilderness area are its dense green forests, deep-blue sea, unusual geological formations, variety of wildlife, and innumerable tidal pools where sea creatures are trapped for the enjoyment of the observer.

Howler monkeys, tree squirrels, white-tail deer are some of the species that abound in the area. Seabirds are very numerous, brown pelicans, frigatebirds, laughing gulls, and brown boobies ( largest in the country). Also some of the species of land birds include the long-tailed manakin, cattle egret, green heron, elegant trogon and turkey vulture.

There is a variety of marine life at Cabo Blanco fish, crabs, chitons, lobsters, shrimp and many other species that live in the intertidal zone of the neighboring shores.

The southernmost tip of the reserve, where the Nicoya Peninsula ends, is another interesting site to visit, and can be explored at low tide. Cabo Blanco Island , is an impregnable refuge for seabirds, it is located 1.6kms offshore and serves as a very visible landmark.

A very visible landmark and an impregnable refuge for sea birds is Cabo Blanco Island, located 1.6 km. off the coast. It is a steep, rocky mound that is completely devoid of vegetation.